Mt. Hood Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition

Organizers: George Wilson and Petr Kakes


The Mt. Hood Bicycle/Pedestrian Coalition is a local and independent organization working with local, state and federal government to develop a dedicated bicycle/pedestrian master plan for the Villages of Mt. Hood. Our primary goal is to plan and develop a dedicated, independent bicycle/pedestrian pathway connecting the Villages of Mt. Hood, Government Camp, Skibowl and Timberline Lodge utilizing current data, and implementing short, medium and long term planning strategies to educate, promote and support safe access for local cyclists and pedestrians, as well as our visitors.

We continue to work with various organizations throughout the state to ultimately link our planned bicycle/pedestrian pathways to the Springwater Corridor bicycle/pedestrian pathway, which currently ends in Boring, OR (approx. 25 miles from our Mt. Hood villages). This connection would create a dedicated bicycle/pedestrian pathway connecting Portland, OR to Mt. Hood, OR, branding our communities as a cycling destination.

Other Project Goals:

  • Advocate and seek funding for a dedicated bicycle/pedestrian master plan for the villages of Mt. Hood, safety being the major focus.
  • Adequately and properly repair and improve our deteriorating roads, restore them to acceptable standards and conditions. Eliminate pot holes and road defects, which have become a serious danger to vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Develop partnerships with like-minded organizations who understand the value of cycling tourism.
  • Support Timberline Lodge, Skibowl and the National Forest Service in their efforts to build a well thought-out plan for an improved Mountain Bike Skills Park.
  • Improve existing mountain bike trails from Timberline Lodge/Skibowl to the villages of Mt. Hood.
  • Develop bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure connecting the five villages of Hoodland.
  • Gravel/smooth Forest Service Rd. 18 connecting the villages of Mt. Hood to Hood River, OR via Lolo Pass Rd; making it passable for bicycles.


Mt. Hood Bicycle/Pedestrian Coalition meetings will be held on a quarterly basis.

We encourage participation by those interested in making our community more sustainable and safe for cyclists, runners, joggers and pedestrians of all ages, especially our kids.

If you would like to be added to our membership list for updates and meeting schedules, please provide your contact information to info@mthoodbikeped.com. Follow our blog and monthly updates on Facebook by clicking the Facebook link above. We welcome community support. Our contact list continues to grow, as many have expressed a sincere interest in helping the Mt. Hood Bicycle/Pedestrian Coalition achieve our stated goals and objectives.

Contact us on Face book to address your local cycling and pedestrian issues and concerns. We will do our best to assist with the development and repair of our rural roads, and support and reinforce our cycling infrastructure.



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